Hiyu 'Atavus' Columbia Gorge 2019

Hiyu 'Atavus' Columbia Gorge 2019

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Producer: TzumRegion: Oregon, United StatesGrapes: Gewurztraminer & Pinot Noir fieldblendThis wine, made using the solera system, is one of two wines that Hiyu makes from this...

Producer: Tzum

Region: Oregon, United States

Grapes: Gewurztraminer & Pinot Noir fieldblend

This wine, made using the solera system, is one of two wines that Hiyu makes from this unique site, whose “panoramic view of the river and mountains encountered upon entering the gate and stepping into the vine rows leaves one with a sense of awe. It invokes a poetic state of mind that is conveyed by the wines as well.

Making of:  Each harvest, the grapes are hand-picked and pressed together, then co-ferment with indigenous yeast. A small amount of the existing reserve wine is bottled by hand from each barrel every year and released, and then replaced with the next vintage. Atavus VI is the sixth bottling of the Solera, a version topped with wine from the 2017 vintage, which slowly fermented for several years. Unfined, unfiltered. The grapes are handpicked and left to ferment with indigenous yeast. It was on the skins for 11 days and only required pigeage twice. Unfined, unfiltered.

Personality:Now in bottle, its aromas of high-pitched spice and mountain berries are discrete and hiding, but will emerge with thoughtful aging. It’s exciting to drink now, but we recommend holding this for a minimum of three additional years before opening to truly experience what is possible. The ideal drinking window is probably closer to eight to 12 years from the vintage.Nate says.