Brasserie Mosaïque (Pinot Noir) 'Country Roads Take Me Home'

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Ingredients (Organic): Spring water,Malts: pale, crystal pils, oats, rye,Fruits: Pinot noir grapes,Hops: tradition, Hallertau, Hersbrucker, Levures: raisins Pinot noirAging: new oak barrel, demijohn7 months of...

Ingredients (Organic): Spring water,
Malts: pale, crystal pils, oats, rye,
Fruits: Pinot noir grapes,
Hops: tradition, Hallertau, Hersbrucker, Levures: raisins Pinot noir
Aging: new oak barrel, demijohn
7 months of fermentation and carbonic maceration of whole bunches of grapes and fruit + 5 month of fermentation in bottle
(2nd fermentation).
Description: on the nose: red fruits, earthy and vegetal.
In the mouth: fruity, spicy, vegetal. The ending is mineral and
Brasserie Mosaïque is a brewery which mainly produces natural beers but also cider and mead.
It is located in Riotord in Haute-Loire.
Annual production: 120 hectoliters (1st year)
Manufacturing: beers are produced from pure spring water and ingredients
organic (malts from Malttin pot and hops from Eissmann, a German hop grower).
The yeasts are collected locally from organic materials (flowers, fruits, tree trunks, bread leaven, etc.).
The beers are neither filtered nor pasteurized.
Fermentation is not controlled by technical instruments. It follows the rhythm of the seasons.
Aging is done in several small vats (sandstone and terracotta amphorae, stainless steel, oak barrels) and chestnut