Brasserie Mosaïque 'Into The Wild' Farmhouse Saison

Brasserie Mosaïque 'Into The Wild' Farmhouse Saison

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INTO THE WILDIngredients(Organic): Spring water,Malts: malt Vienna barley, wheat malt, flakes of 5 cereals (wheat, barley, rye, rice, oats), Traditional hops (Germannobleman)Yeasts: grape, flower of...

Ingredients(Organic): Spring water,
Malts: malt Vienna barley, wheat malt, flakes of 5 cereals (wheat, barley, rye, rice, oats), Traditional hops (German
Yeasts: grape, flower of plum tree, currant, oak trunk.
Aging: demijohn 50 L, oak barrel, oak barrel chestnut, sandstone amphora.
2 months of fermentation + 2 months of fermentation
in bottle (2nd fermentation).

Description: on the nose: vinous, cedar, stone fruits.
In the mouth: fruity, smoky and fresh wood, round and juicy,
the ending is long and complex.

Brasserie Mosaïque is a brewery which mainly produces natural beers but also cider and mead.
It is located in Riotord in Haute-Loire.Annual production: 120 hectoliters (1
1st year)
Manufacturing: beers are produced from pure spring water and ingredients organic (malts from Malttin pot and hops from
Eissmann, a German hop grower).
The yeasts are collected locally from organic materials (flowers, fruits, tree trunks, bread leaven, etc.).
The beers are neither filtered nor pasteurized.
Fermentation is not controlled by technical instruments. It follows the rhythm of the seasons.
Aging is done in several small vats (sandstone and terracotta amphorae, stainless steel, oak barrels) and chestnut

Ecological approach:
The ingredients are selected from certified organic producers.
Brewing is done over direct heat.
The underdraft is done in gravity.
The cooling water is recovered for washing the tanks.
Bottling and labeling are carried out using semi-automatic techniques.
The labels, bottles and packaging are certified eco-responsible.
The spent grain is collected by a neighbor who breeds cows (organically).
Compost is made from part of the spent grain and organic matter from the forest.
The tanks are washed with a product based on phosphoric acid only (zero effect on the
animals, humans and water).
The waste is sorted and thrown into the recycling center.
A wind power installation project and the planting of hops are planned for 2023.
The company car runs on ethanol.