Brasserie Mosaïque 'Life Is Like A Box of Chocolate You Never Know What You're Gonna Get'

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Ingredients (Organic): Spring water,Malts: pilsner, wheat, melanoid, oats, ryeHops: Hallertau Hersbrucker (German nobleman),Yeasts: flower of peach, gooseberry, plum, birch trunk.Aging: Terracotta amphora.4 months of fermentation...

Ingredients (Organic): Spring water,
Malts: pilsner, wheat, melanoid, oats, rye
Hops: Hallertau Hersbrucker (German nobleman),
Yeasts: flower of peach, gooseberry, plum, birch trunk.
Aging: Terracotta amphora.
4 months of fermentation + 4 months of fermentation in bottle (2nd fermentation).
Description: on the nose: earthy strawberry jam.
In the mouth: fruity and mineral.