Broc Cellars 'Got Grapes' 2023

Broc Cellars 'Got Grapes' 2023

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Tasting Notes:  Grapefruit Pith, Bergamot, Summer Breeze

THE STORY: Orange Muscat is a fun grape that shows off the best qualities of Muscat with aromatics that are gracefully restrained. After a light footstomp we gently pressed the Orange Muscat into stainless tank to naturally ferment and age for 5 months. California is one of the few places Orange Muscat is grown and is often presented in a sweeter style, however we choose to make ours dry. We first began working with Orange Muscat from Hartwick Vineyard in Lodi in 2022.

Got Grapes is our yearly reminder to tug on the thread of curiosity. Our inaugural Got Grapes was a red blend of Valdiguié and Chenin Blanc in 2017! We’ve embraced the opportunity ever since to have our Got Grapes label showcase blends and single varietals that we think will surprise and delight each vintage. 

FUN FACT: Orange Muscat’s parents are Chasselas x Muscat Blanc and Petite Grain.

VARIETIES: 100% Orange Muscat

LOCATION: Hartwick Vineyard - Lodi

FARMING PRACTICES: Organically grown grapes