Bura-Mrgudić Rukatac 2022

Bura-Mrgudić Rukatac 2022

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Winery: Bura-MrgudićClassification: Dry skin contact white wine Varietals: 100% Rukatac (aka Maraština) Appellation: Pelješac Peninsula, Dalmatia, Croatia Density & Yield: 8,000 vines/ha; 1.5 kg/vine Annual Production: 5,000 bottles Alcohol: 12.5% Climate: Mediterranean, with dry and hot summers, and...

Winery: Bura-Mrgudić

Classification: Dry skin contact white wine 

Varietals: 100% Rukatac (aka Maraština) 

Appellation: Pelješac Peninsula, Dalmatia, Croatia 

Density & Yield: 8,000 vines/ha; 1.5 kg/vine 

Annual Production: 5,000 bottles 

Alcohol: 12.5% 

Climate: Mediterranean, with dry and hot summers, and mild winters 

Terrain: Inland locations on Pelješac Peninsula, mostly flat and approximately 300 meters above sea level. Red soil with clay stones over a limestone base. 

Farming: Organic. No irrigation, spraying is done only in April, with only powdered sulfites, and copper in “off” vintages 

Vinification: All grapes are strictly hand-harvested and then de-stemmed. The wine was fermented in open vats with strictly native yeasts, with approximately 7 days of skin maceration. Aged for 4 months in stainless steel (inox) tanks and bottled after a coarse filtration. 

Tasting Notes: Delightful golden color that pops in the glass. Fresh but with rustic, chalky, limestone-like tannins that radiate sunshine on your palate. A mineral-driven skin contact wine, with plenty of salinity, and a touch of viscous almond bitterness on the finish. 

Great with shellfish and fattier fish, but it goes surprisingly well with grilled or roasted pork or veal as well. 


Located on the steep 45 degree Southern slopes of Pelješac Peninsula known for its big reds, Bura vineyards produce the most unique, delicious and prestigious wine to ever come out of the Dalmatian Coast. As much as there is talk about all the different wineries and winemakers in Croatia, no other winemaker stands out more than Niko Bura and his sacred Bura Dingač. Niko Bura’s vineyards are fully organic and are the truest expression of the microclimate and land of Croatia’s southern Dalmatian coast. The Bura family has one of the longest traditions of winemaking in Dingač and Croatia as a whole, spanning over sixteen generations -- since the year 1410!