Ekone Smoked Coho Salmon

Ekone Smoked Coho Salmon

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We are so excited to introduce our newest addition to our tinned goods line up: Smoked Coho Salmon sourced from the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest. These whole pieces of carefully selected Coho are delicately brined, then cold-smoked to perfection. That’s it. Sweet and Simple!

You'll notice a subtle hint of molasses, adding a luscious dimension to each bite. The texture is nothing short of delicious, with each mouthful delivering a rich, buttery sensation that melts in your mouth.

Ingredients: Coho Salmon, Salt, Sugar, Natural Smoke

About Taylor Shellfish:

As a company whose product relies on clean water and healthy ecosystems, we have long been stewards of the marine environment. Sustainability is not only important to our day-to-day operations, but also to planning for our future. It is our goal to protect the environment that our livelihoods depend on so we can continue to farm the tidelands for another 120 years!

Taylor Shellfish is committed to clean water issues, like ocean acidification which is a major threat to our shellfish. We have been on the forefront of the issue since it surfaced in our shellfish hatcheries a few years ago, decimating our baby oysters.  Our efforts have even attracted international attention and Bill Dewey, Senior Director of Public Affairs, was invited to speak about ocean acidification in front of the United Nations last year.