Kabaj San Lurinz 'Hydra' Orange Pet Nat 2021

Kabaj San Lurinz 'Hydra' Orange Pet Nat 2021

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VINTAGE: 2021REGION, SUB-REGION & VILLAGE: Goriška Brda, Šlovrenc - Slovenia.VINEYARD(S): Pod Hiso, Dobrovo, Ravan.ALTITUDE: 300 -700m.SOIL COMPOSITION: Argile, Marl, Flysh.PREVAILING CLIMATE & LOCAL CLIMACTIC: Converging Mediterranean and Alpine climate.FARMING OF VINEYARD: Low/no...


REGION, SUB-REGION & VILLAGE: Goriška Brda, Šlovrenc - Slovenia.

VINEYARD(S): Pod Hiso, Dobrovo, Ravan.

ALTITUDE: 300 -700m.

SOIL COMPOSITION: Argile, Marl, Flysh.

PREVAILING CLIMATE & LOCAL CLIMACTIC: Converging Mediterranean and Alpine climate.

FARMING OF VINEYARD: Low/no till, ecological treatments, manure.

COMPOSITION: Malvazija 34%, Rebula 33%, Zeleni Sauvignon 33%.

HARVEST: Mid September.

MACERATION: Co-fermentation of sorts, each variety added as it is harvested, first Zeleni Sauvignon, Malvazija and then Rebula.

FERMENTATION/AGING: Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel.



So2: None.

It is fantastic to have the pet-nats among the KABAJ selection. They are a window onto the harvest, the unadorned fermented juice of their vineyards, proof of the deliciousness of their grapes at harvest. For years Jean Michel Morel would try any pet-nat that he encountered. Despite not finding many he liked he kept trying them. During a winter visit he unexpectedly presented us with a pet-nat of his own. It was delicious and not at all like an experiment. Hydra is a skin fermented petillant nature made predominantly of Malvazija with smaller proportions of Sauvignonasse and Pinot Blanc. The fruit comes from the vineyard that normally goes into Amfora, KABAJ Kvevri fermented amber wine. FROM THE PRODUCER: Most white grapes in our region are processed into “Fresh Wine”. Light, pale wine that is fruity and uniform. This type of winemaking is dependent on refrigeration and additives to protect against oxidation. This is not our style of wine or wine making. Pet-nat is a style of production that allows us to make a fresh wine without the fresh wine technology. Not all grapes can be Pet-Nat. Pet-Nat must be made from one fermentation and must finish fermentation in the bottle and be sold with the lees. Otherwise it is not pet-nat it is something else. Made without sulfur or filtration the lees and Co2 protect the wine from oxidation. Decision for the blend was made at harvest. Malvazija and Zeleni go well together and Rebula gives acidity. Acidity is important to pet nat, giving balance and stability.

Co fermented with wild yeast on skins for approx. 5 days. Pressed and bottled late in fermentation. Never disgorged. No added SO2.