Libertine 'Acid Freak' Rosé

Libertine 'Acid Freak' Rosé

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The Acid Freak is a beast born from laziness and lack of space. In the midst of a late fateful night at the winery during the 2017 harvest, we were pressing off some Riesling and the holding tank was about to overflow. There was extra juice in the press pan but nowhere to put it. Rather than clean a new receptacle, we glanced over and spied a half barrel of fermenting Dolcetto rosé. We said “fuck it, there is Riesling in Piedmont” and pumped that shit in there. 

The Acid Freak is now a staple of every Libertine vintage. It is both an homage to insane co-fermented blends that make no sense and “DO YOU HEAR THAT SOUND FROM THE PALM TREES RIGHT NOW?!?”

The 2020 incarnation is eight barrels of 50/50 co-fermented Riesling and Dolcetto. Both the Riesling and the Dolcetto had a four day cold soak prior to press and ferment. 

Like all our other wines, it was wild yeast fermented in neutral oak. Other than a very small amount of sulfite, absolutely nothing was added to this wine. Unfiltered and unfined.