Libertine 'I'm Trash' Rosè

Libertine 'I'm Trash' Rosè

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I had a vision one day while overlooking the expanse of the valley. What if, the world asked, you assembled all these components rather than separating them? Isn’t the sum greater than the parts? Is this a larger message to be extrapolated throughout the world to finally resolve the human condition of existential isolation? The answer lies inside the bottle.

This wine is the garbage dump of our entire production. We took all the settled sludge from the racking process and created a “Cuvee de Refuse.” A true zeitgeist as it contains every wine we bottle in a given year.

A nose of graphite, dried strawberry, and desiccated plum (good) leads to a palate of bright cranberry and cherry scattered across the forest floor. A whisper of fruity dark chocolate lingers throughout the exceptional finish.

Cases produced: 60

Artwork by Lish Hoerman