Masia Cal Salines Brut Nature Reserva Subirat Parent 2017

Masia Cal Salines Brut Nature Reserva Subirat Parent 2017

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Vintage: 2017.Variety: Subirat Parent.Volume: 0.75L.Alcoholic Volume: 10.1%.Production: 1092 bottles.Bottling day according to the biodynamic calendar: Fruit day.Printing Date: February 20, 2018.Disgorging Date: First part of the batch March 5, 2020.Brut Nature Reserva, aged...
Vintage: 2017.
Variety: Subirat Parent.
Volume: 0.75L.
Alcoholic Volume: 10.1%.
Production: 1092 bottles.
Bottling day according to the biodynamic calendar: Fruit day.
Printing Date: February 20, 2018.
Disgorging Date: First part of the batch March 5, 2020.

Brut Nature Reserva, aged for a minimum of 20 months, which comes from a vineyard planted in 1965 of the Subirat Parent variety, perfectly adapted to the territory located in Vilafranca del Penedès, Cal Salinas neighborhood. Vineyard with a slight slope, facing northeast, about 200 meters above sea level. Very poor terrain with abundant small gravel and clay. Worked with little impact from the tractor to try not to compact the ground. Viticulture without using herbicides or systemic phytosanitary products, or chemical synthesis fertilizers, in transition to organic viticulture.

Grapes collected on August 25, 2017, harvested and chosen by hand, in boxes of 15-20 kg, were passed through the vineyard twice, a first for the selection of the grapes for the production of still wine and a second for to make the traditional type sparkling wine, which has become this brut nature reserve. Both grapes separated by boxes. It was cooled for 12 hours before pressing. First, the grapes were pressed to make the sparkling wine, and then the grapes for the still wine, only flower must, 55%.

Wine with natural stabilization taking advantage of the cold of winter and without filtering, 2gr SO4 per hectoliter, well below the requirements of eco legislation. The printing was done on February 20, 2018 on fruit day. Complex variety to vinify, sensitive, with very thin skin. The disgorgement was carried out on March 5, 2020, flower day.

Gold color, new gold, fine and integrated bubble, clean and bright appearance, fine tear, slow fall. The Subirat Parent will express on the nose, medium complexity, white fruit and some floral touch of herbs such as fennel, the terrain will also be reflected, mineral, as for the palate, the elements are confirmed, pleasant entry, sweet, with ripe white fruit , conference pear, baked apple, lively acidity and well-integrated, unctuous, persistent alcohol that continues to grow and continues to manifest itself and invites us to drink. Also mineral, gypsum, calcareous touches, which reflect the poverty of the land and a variety that is perfectly adapted.

It is a traditional gastronomic sparkling wine, with interesting pairings, all types of rice and mixed fideuás or fish, excellent with grilled fish, cod. Also a good pairing with grilled or grilled white meats such as lamb, pork, rabbit, etc. Likewise with Iberian sausages and cheeses of all kinds except blue ones.

Sparkling wine of which the first tests were carried out to vinify the 2013, 2014 and 2015 harvest, finally we have achieved a good sparkling wine, accompanied by an excellent harvest although with very little rain, dry winter, spring with little rain only in March and April and Extremely dry summer with an end of August with high temperatures. A wine that more than ever expresses the land from which it comes, and a rarity in Penedès, both for the variety and the longevity of the 55-year-old vineyard. It will evolve perfectly for consumption in the next two or three years.