Octagono 'Naranja' 2022

Octagono 'Naranja' 2022

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Marcelo Castro Vera returned from working in hotels in the United States and opened El Nidal, a shipping container hotel in the mountains of Central...

Marcelo Castro Vera returned from working in hotels in the United States and opened El Nidal, a shipping container hotel in the mountains of Central Mexico. From that base came a distillery, a brewery, a communal eatery, and finally a winery: Octagono. The winery is run mostly by women and directed by winemaker Celia Morales. Fermentations and aging are in buried amphoras (made by local artisans), grapes are pressed by hand and trod by foot, and there’s no use of sulfur or other additives.  


-Their wines are fermented for up to 9 months in buried clay pots molded by local San Felipe and Dolores Hidalgo artisans. The process of sourcing these vessels brought about the revival of ancestral methods of making pottery - a tradition almost lost in time in a compromise for a quicker way of making pottery that satisfies mass demand. In forming the amphoras they tried to recreate the classic Georgian kvevri form and ended up with a hybrid that has a  particular Mexican imprint. It is their hope that as natural  winemaking gradually picks up in Mexico, more  winemakers turn to local artisans to source their amphoras,  instead of turning to foreign experts, thereby boosting local  economies and breathing new life into this millenarian art  form. 

- The concept of Octagono is rebellious by nature; they are  making a point for each of us to conquer our fears and defy  our comfort zones. 

- The grapes they work with are grown by farmers that  mirror this quality by insisting to grow their grapes  naturally, sometimes choosing unpopular varieties that  Octagano so enjoys working with - like Rosa del Peru.  They don’t shy away from experimenting with table grapes,  like Red Globe, which has delivered a surprise with its  unexpected joyous temperament. The minds behind  Octagono live for these experiences that fire them up even  more to continue innovating and pushing boundaries.

Total Production: 5 wines, 2,000 cases 

2022 Naranja - Octagono  

Tasting Notes and Drinking Window: 

Those looking for a tidal wave of expression need look no further  than the 2022 Naranja from Octagono. Loaded with citrus fruits  on the nose and the palate both interlaced with fresh cut herbs,  there really is no parallel to this wine or any of those that  Octagono makes but this vintage is a clear champion of their  concept: to make wine with the lowest intervention possible,  nothing added nothing taken away. Pure expression of place.  This wine, like all of the wines Octagono makes is as fresh,  striking and radical as any wine you’re likely to find. Those looking  for the most pure expression of place in wines made by natural  methods with zero intervention have found what they are looking  for here. Octagono is the only winery in Mexico using exclusively  buried (locally made) clay amphoras for fermentation and aging,  and along with a commitment to a completely natural approach  use no electricity or even the most basic machines in the harvest  or winemaking process. While they are difficult to put into words,  Octagono’s wines are perhaps best described as imbued with the  electric energy characteristic of something that is in the process  of becoming – something whose principle attribute is that feeling  of exhilaration associated with deep exploration or a formative  journey. Deeply expressive and wild, these wines are the essence  of exploration itself.  

500 cases made 

Drinking window: upon release 3 years 




80% Moscatel, 20% Semillon 




Celia Morales 


Grapes were sourced from a vineyard planted in 2005 on silty  clay-loam soils at an elevation of 6,500 ft. 


Grapes were destemmed, foot trodden, and fermented and  macerated on the skins for 6 - 8 months before racking off the skins before bottling. 

All Octagono wines are natural, unfiltered, unfined and fermented  with whole grape clusters on ambient yeast, and skin contact.  SO2 is never added at any point in the process. 

Sulfites: No sulfites added 


Organic, biodynamic, sustainable