Weingut Der Pollerhof 'Kleiner Onkel' Frizzante 2019

Weingut Der Pollerhof 'Kleiner Onkel' Frizzante 2019

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Grapey-fruity on the nose, delicately sparkling on the palate, very nice fruit aromas.


Röschitz, Weinviertel Lower Austria, Austria
Loess soil
Alcohol content: 12.0%
Residual sugar: 16,5g/l
Acidity: 5,3g/l

The Weinviertel (Wine Quarter) is the largest wine-growing region in Austria. It's really an archipelago of wine islands set in the middle of a vast, rolling farmland. You can drive in it for many miles and never see a single vine. Then suddenly, there will be, surrounding a village, nothing but vines. Roschitz is one such vine island in the Western Weinviertel. A tiny village about five miles from the Czech border, without a single restaurant, it's as quiet as a hamlet can be. But there is a long Kellergasse, a narrow lane with wine cellars dug into the earth on either side. Most of these are simple cellars for private use, but at least one of them is quite special. This is Pollerhof. Erwin Poller is a one-man operation. While Erwin has always worked following biological principles, he decided to obtain certification as an organic producer and is currently in transition and fully certified in 2021. Soils are very complex. The Galgenberg, for instance, is mostly loess with chalk and granite below. There is a virtual swirl of minerals in a number of the vineyards, all of which contribute to the unique flavors of his wines. certified organic (bio) and comes from a mix of soils, dominated by Loess over chalk and granite.